The King's Army resistance (Official name: Resist John King) was formed in 2012 by an anonymous figure who emerged from King's Army after a string of mysterious cyber attacks. This figure revealed himself as James Murray (although speculation ranges about his real name), a misanthrope hell-bent on destroying John King and his "propaganda film" Skull Punch using whatever methods necessary.

Since the public outing of the Resistance page, James Murray has managed to recruit his members directly from King's Army, although many may remain in good standing with John King so as to infiltrate the Army as double agents. It is also postulated that John King has secretly asked many of his own Army members to pose as Resistance activists to keep him informed of their activities and attacks. Who these people are is unknown, and accusations of false allegiances have raged within both groups.

Early in the Resistance's life, it was revealed that James Murray had stolen one of John King's Skullpunching cases, including gun, bomb, detonator, and many other items vital to a successful Skullpunch. With these items, he was able to devise a way to neutralise the Skullpunch explosive device implanted in all King's Army member's heads. This only prompted an increase in John King's frustration at the movement, an calls were made for James Murray's elimination immediately.

Still, James Murray remains an elusive figure. Occasionally, he calls on Resistance members to complete certain tasks, to infiltrate, attack, and generally bamboozle John King and his Army.